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HyperView is a module that brings interactive visualization capabilities to DotNetNuke portals. It was created for the Razor Hackathon in Dec. 2010 and is built using Razor and the Exhibit framework.

Using HyperView, you can create amazing and stunning interactive client-side visualizations quickly and easily. In this initial release, most of HyperView's power comes from the Exhibit framework (, but over time more visualizations will be included to make HyperView the best possible way to view and interact with data on DotNetNuke.

But wait...there more. HyperView is more than just a module. It was initially built for the DotNetNuke Razor Hackathon. And in the true spirit of a Hackathon, this module goes well beyond just some Razor comes with a complete Razor framework for DotNetNuke that improves on the one included with DotNetNuke in the following ways:
  • No need to have any user controls for your Razor scripts
  • Strongly typed model for each script similar to ASP.NET MVC
  • Simple to use and keeps your Razor scripts clean and without a lot of spaghetti code
  • Convention over configuration: Just add Default, Edit and Settings scripts to have an integrated DotNetNuke module

You can:

SEE demos of HyperView:

LEARN more about the module on my Blog: (Coming soon)

HyperView Screen Grab.png

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